Brookline Town Meeting 2004: Discussion of the Warrant Articles

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Here are the 25 Warrant Articles for the Annual Town Meeting. Also, here are the Town Meeting Members, which include 240 elected members and 8 at-large. The articles sure to generate the bulk of the discussion are #7 Underground Utilities, #11 on the cell tower (even though it recommends passing to a committee), and #21, a study to overhaul the 2-hour parking limit. I’m leaning against $7 for the cost. The Griggs Park Neighborhood Association is in favor of it. I’m willing to hear both sides. I thought I’d list all the amendments below, even though most don’t need any debate. I’ve added some comments to them, but I really can’t do justice to most of them, as I’m cramming here. Several of them simply pass a decision onto a committee. Feel free to comment on them or add your viewpoints (that’s why I wrote this software). The Town Meeting commences in about 17 hours, but it could well go on to a second evening as it usually does.
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    Article 1: Pay last year’s outstanding bills — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 6:58AM
    Article 2: Funds to cover collective bargaining — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 6:59AM
    Article 3: adjust accounts for FY 2005 budget — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:00AM
    Article 4: IT committee and a CIO — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:01AM
    Article 5: Amend bylaws to eliminate confusion — SURE. Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:04AM
    Article 6: Continue to ban residence picketing — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:06AM
    Article 7: Underground Utilities. — LEANING NO Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:07AM
    Article 8: Introduce Mandatory Recycling — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:08AM
    Article 10: Create Gaffam-McKay Historic District — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:13AM
    Article 18: Clarify affordable housing by-laws — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:44AM
    Article 20: Changing some zoning — SKIP Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:46AM
    Article 22: Refrain from Corporal Punishment: NO Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:56AM
    Article 24: Name Judge Sumner Z. Kaplan Park — YES Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 7:59AM
    Article 25: Reports of the Town Officers and Committee Jon Garfunkel Nov 16 ’04 8:00AM