A Hard Day’s Crash

The unthinkable happened — a power outage crashed the civilities hard drive this weekend. I had two systems on the same UPS, and there wasn’t enough time to properly shut down Civilities. The casualty is on its way to CBL.

Much of the content (the writing) was recently backed up, with a dozen pieces I was able to salvage from Google, and am restoring. A number of the images, and my custom Drupal enhancements & style, are being slowly restored. I’m mortified that readers have to suffer through this bland weblog format, so I will get the old “webzine”-style layout back before long.

Well, as they say in the Bush administration, catastrophe breeds opportunity. I have a new UPS supply…

Update, Sunday January 27th: Got the backup UPS tested, have the Vista server functioning as a backup going forward (which was the original plan, of course.) Not that anyone’s asked.

Update, Tuesday January 29th: I got the data back. CBL took no more than 2 hours to restore the data, and then overnight’ed it.