Dean has volunteers dial for dollars– but for me, he brings in the pros

Election 2004 | Fundraising
On NBC’s Meet The Press on 1/11, I learned that Dean’s campaign had picked up an cost-effective way of calling potential voters: leveraging unused minutes in cellphone plans. This sounded exciting enough to participate in: I wouldn’t even have to leave my home to volunteer, and, stumped with a tough caller, I’d have the benefit of my library and Internet to help out. I’d even appreciate getting a call this way. But that didn’t happen.

Later that day I answered a phone call, with the Caller ID “Unavailable” (which I occassionally do). The caller was an articulate male in his 30’s or 40’s, identifying himself as calling on behalf of what sounded like “Share”. Upon inquiring, it was not the singer/actress, but a professional fundraising firm which was calling me on behalf of Dean!

I was mildly disappointed. I actually am on the MassForDean list, somewhere, and had last gotten a call several weeks back from a local volunteer who was wondering if I was interested in driving up to NH for a little debate party. So I’d expect a call from MassForDean again. Maybe even from one of the cellphone brigade. Or even from someone who knows someone who knows my friend Dan Scheid via DeanLink. Then at least I could continue the conversation with that person. But what do I have need for professional fundraisers if there is a grassroots movement?

The caller supposed that his firm was contracted to merely help out. Certainly, the best way to eventually manage this is have the party list be entered into a database, addressing– how would we like to be shaken down?