How to donate to John Kerry– and get something for it

Election 2004 | Fundraising
You donate through me, of course. I signed up as a KerryCore fundraiser, which means you can list me as your link when you give. You in fact don’t have to even write my name anywhere, just use this link to donate: I’ve included a little rallying statement there to indicate why it’s important.

If I’ve invited you to my 28th birthday party, I’m asking every eligible person to give $28 to John Kerry. You can give the money now, so you don’t have to look around for your checkbook on the night of April 1st. (and if you aren’t invited, write me for more information. I did invite a hundred people up here in Boston.) You can also give now to fulfill Bill Clinton’s request to raise $10 million in 10 days.

As for the party– officially on Evite as the “Bash Bush Birthday Bash”– here’s some details. There’s won’t be a pinata, so the “bashing” will be of the rhetorical sort. And those who know me, or have read this site, know that I can argue most of the positions of the political grid quite well. I was hoping to have a friend who’s a Kerry staffer show up, but she’ll be on her honeymoon. If we can raise a lot of money in advance of the party, we may be able to get some pol to show. At least I’ll be there.

I’ll write a little more about why it’s better to give through me. Frankly, it’s a very nice favor, and I’d very much like to raise a few thousand bucks– that’s not exactly “Patriot” level, but it’s a start. More importantly, I’m you’re guy for the rest of the campaign. I will be going to events, doing research on this Civilities site, tracking down rumors, and eating, breathing and drinking politics.

You are free to give through someone else if they can give you a better deal! At the moment, though, it’s not easy to browse through the KerryCore contributors– the best you can do is the state-level. It’s nothing like Internet dating or even Friendster, where you can search by people’s cats’ names. It’s a start.

April 19th update: A couple of weeks back I spun out a proposal off of this piece called Social Network Fundraising.
And, by the way, I finished second in the nation in the “March Madness” stretch of this contest! Keep donating, though. I want to have the most donors.