MoveOn. or just ForwardOn (Get the Dubya Doll!)

Media | Familiarity

If Super Bowl commericals have passed their peak and jumped the proverbial shark, maybe they’ve lost their effect completely. And if we’re lucky, political campaign commercials as well.

An inspiring trend is the spontaneous guerilla marketing efforts forged by simply forwarding on emails. Now that the whole world over has gotten tired of forwarding along the chain emails which never really brough good luck, here’s one that may just do that: a link to Dishonest Dubya, an interactive animation which allows everybody to hear the President in his own words.

While Jacob Weisberg has done an admirable job of collecting the “Complete Bushisms” (leading Al Franken to observe that Weisberg has now authored a multi-volume best-seller), the audio clips allow the voter to fully appreciate the deliberate pace of the President’s delivery.

I recommend that good Democratic activists Tivo every moment the President opens his mouth. Sunday’s Meet the Press is a good day to start.

(I also have the book of original “Bushisms” from George H.W.: “We’re enjoying sluggish times, and not enjoying them very much.”)