Best resource for Javascript help — QuirksMode

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I’ve updated the discussion systems to leverage dynamic HTML better– namely, by making the message bodies collapsible. See a page where users have responded.

I’ve made my best effort to make them multi-browser compatible, with the help of QuirksMode, a website by PeterPaul Koch of Amsterdam. In every (web-browser) generation there comes along a website which clearly and plainly illustrates the different ways that each browser implements web standards (javascript, DOM, CSS). QuirksMode is it today, and for the foreseeable future. Koch’s illustrations are simple and elegant.

There were many other sites which helped users try to work with Netscape 4. For those users who’ve been using Internet Explorer for some time now, it’s hard to believe that Netscape 6 has been out for 3+ years now. I haven’t seen anything from Netscape 4 in my early logs in this site. See Netscape Navigator version history, it should bring back memories…