The Themes

Seeking the thought leaders of online journalism

Here are my own brief answers to Who’s Respected in Online Journalism? These are quick thoughts, and I have ludicrously high standards, and I have the bias of working on reactionary theories. I’m still most curious to learn what other people think.

Campaign Motivations

What motivates people to work on campaigns? I wondered this while interacting with a number of organizers throughout the country on a few of the Democratic/Kerry mailing lists. I think it’s important for organizers to consider as they get people involved, and for volunteers to consider when choosing an organization to work with. Here’s what you should look for:

The Civilities Taxonomy

This is a brief introduction to the taxonomy, or classification systems on this site.

this site’s themes

I’ve picked some major themes in order to focus my writing, somewhat related to communications theory. This keeps my site rather constrained, and should give any potential contributors an idea of what sort of pieces I’d like to publish alongside mine.

How I’m picking my candidate for President

Even though Iowa’s wrapped up, there are still 49 primaries left to go, and the contest is wide open. Let me take a few moments to clarify my political position.
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