Now Using OpenID

I’ve implemented OpenID on this site. My friend Kaliya Hamlin (Identity Woman) has been helping this effort for a number of years, and when she passed along the news that Yahoo had joined the effort, I decided to get with the program.

the Constructive Activism Portal

Here’s a couple of ways to design community websites. On the left are some schematic layouts of front pages to websites; the colors are there for illustration and don’t have any semantic meaning.

Comments/ViewPoints update and plan

Comments are back– after I had suspended them several weeks back when I upgraded to Drupal 4.6. And this after a half-year of promising them to various people. After a year ago at the Berkman Center conference where I promised that they’d be done "just in time for Christmas." After almost two years since I wrote the original prototyope for ViewPoints in Drupal. And after over four years when I first came up with the idea for ViewPoints. I’m still amazed that no one else has taken the idea and run with it.

Anyways, you get the idea. Coding takes solid concentration, and I have to manufacture some time over the last several weeks to get this done. Perhaps a dozen articles have been on hold in the ensuing time. But we’ve got comments once again. For some reason it’s no longer preserving line breaks. But I have made several key improvements over the 2004:

Upgraded to Drupal 4.6.3

Civilities.net has been upgraded to the latest version of Drupal, 4.6.3. It’s been three long months since I connected with the Drupal and Bryght communities at the Open Source Convention in Portland, and I feel like I’d let the group down. Part of the recent motivation was an exchange with Lisa Williams on UniversalHub about the current state of "community journalism," following my Still Too Static article. Lisa runs a "hyperlocal" community site H2Otown for Watertown, Mass. and felt that the site would greatly benefit from the webzine module.

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