Who moved my book?

Some of my recent research led me to a book by Tom Rosenstiel, Strange Bedfellows: how television and the presidential candidates changed American politics 1992.

Faceted Navigation of blog archives

Maybe it’s a cruel conspiracy of the makers of WordPress, MovableType, Blogger, et al that make blog archives a disaster of design. launched (Ye olde text campaign archives)

Back in 2005 I found myself looking through the Dean blog archives and noticed that they’d gone missing for a time (they’re back now– with some comments missing here and there– I know because I have a 500MB copy of it.) In 2006, I poked around the early DailyKos/MyDD archives, and was frustrated with how difficult they were to navigate (compound by the fact that the early MyDD posts are onl

Cite Unseen: Odlyzko’s scholastic vision still unfulfilled

Obviously, the word that Harvard’s FAS faculty has voted tonight on a measure to ensure open access to their published papers — and passed it — is fantastic news.

Why can’t search engines make it easier to find icons?

While re-designing the archives, I needed some icons to help illustrate the different story types.

Public Document Publishing Guidelines and the FCC

This article takes a brief look at basic web findability guidelines, how they are addressed by federal guidelines in the United States, and how the FCC, an agency which most commonly deals with Internet issues, fails some basic tests of such guidelines.

The Search, for News: an interjection to John Battelle’s Book

Why do we read what we read?

Part 5: TimesSelect, SEO, and Google

In the previous section, we suggested that the Times, or any other newspaper, could well offer a premium service which allowed for perks like ad-free viewing and unmoderated discussion posts. Charging for content, on the other hand, has the effect of reducing the visibility to new audiences.

Search Engine Orientation (SEOr)

Search Engine Orientation (SEOr) is SEO for Ordinary people.

Personalized Anchor Links

Personalized Anchor Links are the heart of Search Engine Optimization, and as well, Search Engine Orientation.

Allen Kraus & Search Engine Obfuscation

It seems that Allen Kraus of New York City is a victim of search engine obfuscation.

Why is there no universal video news search?

There are a few sites which provide a summary of, and a search within, print/online news stories: Google News and Topix are the obvious leaders. But there’s nothing comparable for television video, let alone audio.

Whatever happened to the Public Interest online?

 “The Public Interest has had more influence on domestic policy than any other journal in the country – by far,” wrote David Brooks in his Times column in March 2005, after the quarterly had finished its forty year run.

Constructive Activism, Part IV: When Googlebombing Doesn’t Work

In looking at the attempted googlebombing campaign to support Alaa, I wanted to first consider a theory about how activism works. Activism needs to be both disruptive and constructive, offering a new narrative or a new artifact of reality for people to accept. Campaigns that are only disruptive tend to be unappreciated, or simply defined as illegal, even in this country.

Where can audio-guide podcasts be found?

While the podcast medium has not ushered in much of a revolution so far– downloadable audio files have been around for years now, and their marriage with RSS has not made it that much easier to skim them, as it has for bloggus bloviatus, the common blog– there is one use where the aspect where podcasters make a brilliant use of the format.

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