Resolving Wikileaks

Wikileaks is not out of the woods yet. The full hearing for the suit brought by Bank Julius Baer is scheduled on May 16, with motions, countermotions and briefs due at some intervals until htn (see the details from CNet’s Declan McCullagh, who was the only reporter to pass it along.) [UPDATE 3/6/08: BJB has vacated the lawsuit.

How to fix third-party Facebook application settings

There’s a limited market for the Facebook privacy beat, since most problems can be solved by young Zuckerberg flicking a particular switch. After all, one key aspect of a well-designed technical architecture (and Facebook has demonstrated that it is one) is the ability to reconfigure it without much difficulty. And sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning up the user interface.

Privacy Considerations of Third Party Website Trackers

In recent months, there has been a heightened awareness about privacy risks online. Facebook’s Beacon program, which had pulled in information from users’ online purchases on from partner sites, was roundly criticized before the company backtracked.

Site Meter Reader — finding commenters in another website’s traffic logs

On Sunday I discovered a potential privacy leak in the Site Meter traffic logs; I was able, with a fair degree of confidence, to determine the IP addresses used by ten anonymous commenters to a well-trafficked blog.

Reflections on the Future of Reputation

This coming weekend I’m planning on attending the Reputation Economies conference at Yale, so I bought, and read, Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation.

Peeping Tom Friedman

It’s closing in on ten years since my last pitiful appearance in the Times, and an opportunity arose to try again.

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