Fair Use For All

Search Engine Land reports that ArsTechnica reports that the Computer & Communications Industry Association (an organization led by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other software vendors) has created the Defend Fair Use initiatve. They’d like the big media companies to recognize fair use in their copyright statements. One can call it AstroTurfing (though no one will, since people side with the software companies over media companies), but they do raise a good point (even if the slogan “Stand up for your RIGHT to use the content YOU PAY FOR” is illustrated by a couple cuddling– not standing up– on the couch). It’s such a good point, I think YouTube should take heed and listen!

Internet Slash-Ups: Even the pros rip off C-SPAN

Last week I wrote about the recently resurfaced 1994 Dick Cheney video clip, and compared it to a video from the same year of George W. Bush in a Texas debate (see “Tales of the Tapes”). For the newsworthiness of these videos, both took a rather long path towards widespread viewing.

Tales of the Tapes

What the odd discovery of tapes that far-off year of 1994 mean for multimedia archival and research.

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