Comparing Blog Buzz Measures

There are three common resources to measure “buzz” through historical mentions of names/phrases on blogs. This article compares the data available for each from common search terms.

The Talking Points Meme

Several months ago, I decided on a simple experiment: I’d stop reading most blogs I’d been reading, and just get news from my regular sources, and see if I’d be any less informed. I think I’ve stayed sharp. In this three-thousand exercise, I looked to see whether I missed anything in the U.S.

MemeGate Studies

The concept of a meme was coined by the eminent biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. Dawkins suggested that it one can view genes as propagating through organisms, and not the other way around; similiarly, a meme propagates through minds and media.

Stuck at the Gates

“Jeff Gannon” was originally outed as a conservative operative in the White House press room one year ago. Why did the story take so long to break?


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