53 million taxpayers are reminded to e-file– again

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The IRS has sent me a postcard in the mail informing me that 53 million taxpayers used electronic filing last year. I know: I was one of them. I induce that they sent postcards to the other 53 million taxpayers who e-filed. At 20 cents bulk rate for post cards, this would appear to burn a $10 million hole in the marketeting budget.

Sure, in the course of consumer choices, advertising exists so that consumers are reminded to stick with the product or service. Do they worry that taxpayers will somehow forget the whole convenience of getting their refunds withing 2 weeks, and go back to good ol’ paper returns? Forget to file? Move to Canada?

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s caught wind of this. Read Federal Computer Week: “Misplaced marketing efforts, mistrust among taxpayers and dwindling financial resources were among the concerns expressed by the tax industry officials.” (see IRS to miss e-filing target?)