and the real KerryCore March Madness winner is… anonymous

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I never had an idea that I would place in the KerryCore March Madness contest (a last day effort garnered me second place). I figured that somebody out there must have bundled a lot of more money– like an order of magnitude more– but I had no idea of finding out. If you search Google for “March Madness” KerryCore, you find three links from the campaign website, and two to me.

And now I just learned (thanks to Matt Gordon) that somebody had in fact raised more money online– a lot more money: $75,000. He is the anonymous blogger Atrios, who pointed out on his blog afternoon that Kerry HQ had not included this contest entry until too late. This might also explain why the contest results were not readily publicized.

I’m happy I got my passes (Jeremy Hastings told me to keep in touch in the coming months– I should expect a background check, just as my sister had for signing up as a volunteer). I may still relish in my “runner up” position for a while. And I still want some wider recognition for the concept Social Network Fundraising— I think it should be developed into code, so as to help avoid these snafu’s in the future.