Where I Get My News

Here’s where I generally get my news. I thought I’d provide this as a bit of background to explain not just what I pay attention to, but what I don’t. It’s very likely that I’ve missed something because it was published somewhere else.


Magazines I used to subscribe to, and may yet again:

  • Economist (too thick)
  • Harper’s Monthly (too polemic, too esoteric)
  • Scientific American (not sure why I let the subscription run out)



I meet Jewish people who won’t listen to NPR or read the Times because they are “anti-Israel”. This is absurd. Such people are missing out on excellent journalism. It may be a defensible position to not donate or not buy a subscription; I don’t agree with it.

If I had a la carte cable, I’m not sure if I would choose MSNBC simply for Countdown– I would probably not go with CNN or Fox News.