Who’s Respected in Online Journalism?

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I had thought of going to the Online News Association conference in NYC this past weekend, but I passed and read the commentary online. All I’d wanted to do was just ask some questions of some members. I figured it’s just as easy to ask on the mailing list.

So I’m looking to see who people think are the thought leaders in the area. Who are the the people, and what are the organizations/sites…

  1. who consistently demonstrate leading visions?
  2. with the best analysis?
  3. which provides the most solid research?
  4. with the most practical how-to tips?
  5. with a worthy collection of links to the above?
  6. on whose sites you can engage other ONA members?

I’d love for this to be more of an automated survey, but I’ll see what I can do with the few response I expect to trickle in.