PONAR: Complaint Form

This is the first draft of a submission form for PONAR (Protocol for Online Abuse Reporting). The form is the heart of the request; this can drive the design for an XML schema, database schema, and system architecture.

The objective of this form is to be more formal than an email, while being more convenient (i.e., less expensive) than filing a lawsuit. There is already a variety of online legal form services. I do hope to work with legal experts in order to improve its clarity. By example, here is the Craigslist abuse reporting form.

I’ve added copyright to the nature of complaint. Conventionally, one could send a C&D letter and invoke the DMCA act, which enjoins ISP’s to remove infringing content in order to immunize against potential prosecution. Here is Google’s explanation of their DMCA process.

The protocol also shall embody a complete process as well– which should either lead to both parties resolving the dispute or assembling the necessary evidence if needed for judicial or alternative dispute resolution.

This form is intended for addressing personal abuse. For more everyday correspondence with a publisher regarding the actual content of news articles, I have proposed LetterVox.)

At bottom I have included a “signature.” I expect that a PONAR filing will only be allowed through a system where the aggrieved party has already verified through credit card information.

Situation of Complaint

On the day of , at the time of
I discovered a titled:

at the following URL:

apparently written by
on the day of , at the time of
This complaint is being made by the appointed representation of

Nature of Complaint

EXPOSURE: Privileged information about me (or my client) was posted publicly without my permission.
DEFAMATION: My character and reputation have been defamed in such a way that I (or my client) do not have a reasonable ability to respond.
COPYRIGHT: Material which I (or my client) own the copyright to has been posted without my permission.


Restitution of Complaint

The web pages at these URLs are hereby marked as abusive to me (or my client):

I request that the PONAR system execute the following steps:
Archive the marked pages and embedded images, videos, sounds, and programmed scripts for retrieval by the complainant or by an officer of the court.
Record this complaint publicly in its database.
Omit the complainant’s name from public view in the public database listing
Send this note via certified mail to the domain publisher.

Furthermore, I request the publisher:
Remove the marked pages from public view
Attempt to have marked pages expunged from Internet search and syndication caches
Confirm the identity of the author.
Communicate this request to the content author.
Cease & desist from further publishing on this topic.

If the publisher is unable to comply with what I have requested, a reason should be supplied through the PONAR system in order to help determine the subsequent course of action.


I hereby affirm that all statements I have made in this report are correct.