2020 Democrats: Principles for a New Generation

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On Sunday I went to hear Howard Zinn speak at the Boston chapter of the National Writers Union. He said that he sees more activism today that any time during the 1960’s.

I wasn’t there then, but it’s possible that the perception leads reality. Wherever one looks on the Internet, there is activism, though the physical evidence, and quantifiable acheivements, are harder to discern (Zinn did not admit to much web-surfing, let along blog-reading, other than reading his email).

The latest entry to Internet activism is the Principles Project, which is meant to allow disparate Democrats to assemble a statement of purpose collaboratively. It’s been put together by my friends at the 2020 Democrats. I donated money to this effort with the intent to follow it up with time, but I’ve had my hands full here. There’ll be more work to do, not to worry!