How long does bigotry stay hosted on YouTube?

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That somebody in America can publish antisemitic literature to encourage hatred and bigotry is regrettable, but it is protected by the First Amendment. That said, YouTube is a private service, and their community guidelines prohibit hate speech.

Well, some user JewsWorldPower signed up three months ago, and this person does things like posting copyrighted video from the Colbert Report with antisemitic text in the description alongside. Surely Stephen Colbert has even less interest in being associated with antisemitism than he does in having his video pirated.

But what I really can't figure out is how apparently not enough of the 11,114 viewers of this video have flagged the it or the account for removal in the last three months. [Update, November 27th: it has been removed.]



Update: There's certainly plenty of bigotry to go around on YouTube. This fellow above links to cpotato2004, which is Frank Weltner, creator of the antisemitic JewWatch website, which gets some notoriety by being ranked highly in search engines.

And this has been covered before– October 2006, there was a well-publicized censorship brawl involving "the doyenne of right-wing blogs, Michelle Malkin." An informed comment from GaijinBiker closes the piece: ''I want these videos to be widely available, so people can see just how deranged and hate-filled Israel's opponents can be. A tit-for-tat censorship battle only leaves all of us less informed.''

Update, September 23rd: the video is still up. And I notice that Frank Weltner has a "guru"-type account. According to el Goog: "Guru accounts are for people who are experts in… something! If you’re a gourmet chef, successful investor, or creative clothing designer, you might want to look into getting a Guru account." They should also add antisemitic bigot to that list.

But it's heartening to see Volkswagon go after Nazi imagery on YouTube, in order to protect their brand. I think I'll speed up the process by contacting Viacom directly.

Update, November 27th: YouTube has removed the video!

(also, and by comparison, this little photohackery on engadget putting some Jews in the Rebel Alliance, is pretty innocent. The artist's explanation: "of course not every jewish people look like that. It's supposed to be funny, like when I put myself in a pic as a toreador. Not everyone in spain are bullfighters, but that doesn't stop me taking the piss of my own stereotypes.").

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